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CRS-2200 - CRS-2202
The CRESCENT CRS-2200 was designed around the two features most sought after by today's style and function conscious specifications.

SPACE EFFICIENT - radial designed corner model that occupies minimum floor space.

MAXIMUM UTILITY - front drop with stainless steel cap that facilitates dumping of power equipment and reduces lifting of conventional equipment.
NOTE: All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm). 12" radial type. Dimensions
CRESCENT - 6" front drop without Stainless Steel Cap
CRS-2210 - 28x28x12"

CRESCENT - 6" front drop with Stainless Steel Cap
CRS-2200 - 28x28x12"
CRS-2202* - 28x28x12"
*With two tiling flanges
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CRS-2200, CRS-2210, CRS-2202 (PDF) / CRS-2200 (RFA), CRS-2210 (RFA)