RPF-3000, RPF-3001

Model RPF-3000

Product Details

RPF-3000 - RPF-3001
Round pedestal fountain in choice of Colorama or Quiet Creek aggregate.

Standard features for both fountains include:
• Chrome-plated brass bubbler locked to stainless steel receptor
• Push button valve, centered on vandal resistant stainless steel access plate
• Adjustable flow regulation
• Supply complete with 1/2" IPS lock shield screwdriver stop
• 1-1/4" IPS waste
• In-line mesh screen strainer
Option(s): (Add suffix)
-FP Frost proof valve system for year around use.
-FPS Sanifrost valve system
31 C.P. Self-closing, plain end jug filler.
32-LK With loose key.
32-SCSelf closing.
32 R.C.P. Compression type hose bibb with hose end and VB
Above items not available on frost-proof fountains.
33-VP With S.S. box and lucking cover
34 C.P. Frost-proof jug filler (for use with frost-proof fountains)
34-FPS Sanifrost jug filler (-FPS units only)
36 Push button jug filler
37 Foot spray
40 Commemorative plaque
60 Commemorative plaque
75 Matching chilling unit with aggregate cover
84 Water filter
85 Frost-proof valve box with lid
95 Sand trap
96 Sand strainer plate
SMP-12 Surface mounting plate
Round Pedestal Aggregate Drinking Fountain
These rough-in dimensions may vary 1/2" (13 mm) plus or minus
All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm).
RPF-3000-C 12" Dia. Height: 36" / Colorama, light etched (shown)
RPF-3001-C 12" Dia. Height: 36" / Colorama, medium etched
RPF-3000-Q 12" Dia. Height: 36" / Quiet Creek, light etched
RPF-3001-Q 12" Dia. Height: 36" / Quiet Creek, medium etched
(See previous page for color samples.)
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RPF-3000 (PDF) / RPF-3000 (RFA), RPF-3001 (RFA)