ADF-3700, ADF- 3701

Model ADF-3701-C

Product Details

ADF-3700 - ADF-3701
BARRIER FREE ACCESS Meets ANSI-117.1-1992, CMHC and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines with WILLIAMS fountains in bold Colorama or subtle Quiet Creek aggregate.

Standard features for the ADF fountain (below) and the APF fountain (on the following page) include:

Chrome-plated brass bubbler(s) locked to stainless steel receptor(s)
Pedestal is mounted on stainless steel plate
All access plates are vandal resistant
Adjustable flow regulation
Supply complete with lock shield screwdriver stop
1-1/4" IPS waste
In-line mesh screen strainer
(add suffix to fountain model number)
-FP Frost-proof valve system for year round use.
-FPS Sanifrost valve system
31 C.P. Self-closing, plain end jug filler.
32-LK With loose key.
32-SCSelf closing.
32 R.C.P. Compression type hose bibb with hose end and VB
Above items not available on frost-proof fountains.
33-VP With S.S. box and lucking cover
34 C.P. Frost-proof jug filler (for use with frost-proof fountains)
34-FPS Sanifrost jug filler (-FPS units only)
36 Push button jug filler
37 Foot spray
40 Commemorative plaque
42 SS bubbler guard
65 Matching aggregate square step
75 Matching chilling unit with aggregate cover
84 Water filter
85 Frost-proof valve box with lid
95 Sand trap
96 Sand strainer plate
SMP-12 Surface mounting plate
All- Purpose Barrier Free Aggregate Drinking Fountain
Conforming to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
These rough-in dimensions may vary 1/2" (13 mm) plus or minus
All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm).
It is recommended that a dual check valve backflow prevention be installed in the waterline going to any FP fountain.
ADF-3700-C 40"H x 12"W x 30"L with 15" / square base, Colorama, light etched
ADF-3701-C 40"H x 12"W x 30"L with 15" / square base, Colorama, medium etched (shown)
ADF-3700-Q 40"H x 12"W x 30"L with 15" / square base, Quiet Creek, light etched
ADF-3701-Q Quiet Creek, medium etched
(See following page for color samples.)
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ADF-3700 (PDF) / ADF-3700(RFA), ADF-3701(RFA)