HL-1800 HL-1810, HL-1900, HL-1910, HL-2000, HL-2010, HL-2100, HL-2110


Product Details

HL-1800 - HL-2110
These units were developed when the need arose to more efficiently drain power-driven floor maintenance equipment. Their drop front styling allows the janitor to automatically dump waste water.

Made from the same high quality materials as all other Stern-Williams products, the CORLOW and HILOW series have the stainless steel cap cast into the threshold to protect the area of greatest use. In addition, the HILOW series is also available with caps on all horizontal shoulders. Tiling flange may be added to customize any sink to meet your specifications.
12" corner type w/drop front.
All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm).
HILOW SQUARE - S.S. Cap on threshold
HL-1800 - 24x24x12"
HL-1900 - 32x32x12"
HL-2000 - 36x36x12"

HILOW SQUARE - S.S. Cap on all sides
HL-1810 - 24x24x12"
HL-1900 - 32x32x12"
HL-2010 - 36x36x12"

HILOW RECTANGULAR - S.S. Cap on threshold
HL-2100 - 36x24x12"

(All Sides)
HL-2110 - 36x24x12"

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HL-1800-2010(PDF) / HL-1800-2000 (RFA), HL-1810-2010 (RFA), HL-2100 (RFA), HL-2110 (RFA)