7000-31, 7100-31, 7000-34, 7000-34-FPS, 7100-34, 7100-34-FPS, 7000-36, 7100-36 & 7000-36-MWL

Model 7000-31, 7100-31,

Product Details

7000-31 - 7000-36-MWL
Metal Pedestal Jug Fillers. The deep, rich Sky Blue color and scratch resistant finish make these an excellent choice for resorts, playgrounds and recreational areas.
Outdoor Jug Fillers designed to comply to the roughest conditions. Standard features include:
• Column is fabricated from one piece steel pipe.
• All exposed parts are recessed in welded steel plates.
• Heavy duty, vandal resistant spout
• Self closing.
• Vandal resistant access plates for easy maintenance.
• Sky Blue polyester powder coat finish. Optional colors and stainless steel (-SS) available.
• Standard frost proof value system available for all year use.(-34)
• Sanifrost Valve System eliminates the possibility of cross contamination (-34FPS)
NOTE: 2 types of mounting:
1. 14" bury in ground with welded supports to be poured in 4" concrete slab.
2. Surface type with mounting plate welded to pedestal.
All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm).
Mounting is Surface type with mounting plate welded to pedestal.
7000-31 32"H x 4-1/2"Dia / Left(shown) with surface mount
7100-31 46"H x4-1/2" Dia / Right(shown) with in ground bury
7000-34 32"H x 4-1/2"Dia / with surface mount, Frost Proof
7100-36 46"H x 4-1/2"Dia / with in ground bury, Frost Proof
7000-36 32"H x 6-5/8"Dia / Right (shown) with surface mount
7100-36 46"H x 6-5/8"Dia / Left (shown) with in ground bury
7000-36-MWL 8"H x 8"W / Wall mounted Jug Filler
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7000-31 & 7100-31 (PDF) / 7000-31 (RFA), 7100-31 (RFA)
7000-32-VP & 7100-32-VP (PDF) / 7000-32-VP (RFA), 7100-32-VP (RFA)
7000-34, 7000-34-FPS, 7100-34 & 7100-34-FPS (PDF) / 7000-34 (RFA), 7100-34 (RFA)
7000-36 & 7100-36 (PDF) / 7000-36 (RFA), 7100-36 (RFA)
7000-36-MWL (PDF) / 7000-36-MWL (RFA)