WDA-3400, WDA-3410, WDA-3420


Product Details

PARIAN ROLL-IN TYPE / Three sides flanged*
WDA-3400 - WDA-3420
Terrazzo's natural non-slip surface provides better footing and increased safety. Wheelchair shower floors are flanged on three sides for a water tight joint between the wall and shower floor.These shower floors must be set on a level grout or mortar bed. The intent is to allow a wheelchair patient to remain seated in the wheelchair and roll into the shower. This model must be recessed into the building floor to allow unobstructed wheelchair entry. NOTE: Flanges are intended to be used with wall tile applied by others to conform with Federal, state and local shower stall dimensions. Floors can be supplied less flanges (-LF). Dimensions WDA-3400 - 39x39" WDA-3410 - 60x30" WDA-3420 - 60x36" Download File(s) WDA-3400-3460 (PDF) / WDA-3400-3460 (RFA)