WH-2200, WH-2400, WH-2500, WH-2600, WH-2700, WH-2700, WH-2800, WH-2900, WH-3000


Product Details

Institutional Shower Floor SERPENTINE Wheelchair Shower Floor
WH-2200 - WH-3000
Institutional 6” sidewall; Barrier Free WH-Series . . . handicapped accessible shower floor with lower than normal threshold to assist the aged and infirmed . . . ideal for nursing homes, retirement villages and apartments. Must be recessed 2" into the subfloor for barrier free access. 2" brass drain with removable flat snap-in stainless steel strainer is standard. Option(s): -RDP Removable Aluminum Alumni Ramp(WH Series) NOTE: All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm) Dimensions WH-2200 WH-2400 WH-2500 WH-2600 WH-2700 WH-2800 WH-2900 WH-3000 Download File(s) WH-2200-3000 (PDF) / WH-2200-3000 (RFA)