HSC-143, HSC-145, HSC-630, HSC-660


Product Details

HSC-143 - HSC-660
We suggest a floor drain at the entrance to this model. Terrazzo floor has stainless steel cap and 1/2" entry when installed according to instruction. Standard wall finish is white powder coated metal. Includes S-140-SS pressure balanced valve, with separate strops. Hand held showerhead with swivel fitting, 69" flexible C.P. brass hose, and in-line vacuum breaker. Stainless steel curtain rod, GSA approved curtain. Retractable handicapped shower seat with stainless steel frame. Two stainless steel grab bars with concealed mounting. Options: Top only HSC-TC
Top and dome light HSC-TCLF
Filler strip SC-6 (front), SC-7 (back)
Valve by others
Joint filler strip SC-JFS*
Filler block -FB*
Thermostatic valve SC-140-TCVH
Attached dressing compartment -DC*
Collapsible water dam -RDM
*Layout sketch required
Optional Wall Finishes: Stainless Steel (-SS)
* Solid Phenolic Core (-SPC)
* High Density Polymer (-HDP)
* Standard color is white
Optional colors are available
NOTE: All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm). Specify R or L hand drilling. ADA* Compliant. Dimensions HSC-143. 40x40x82"*
HSC-145 40x48x82"
HSC-630 65x33x82"*
HSC-660 65x39x82"*
Download File(s)
HSC-143 (PDF) / HSC-143 (RFA)
HSC-145 (PDF) / HSC-145 (RFA)
HSC-630 (PDF) / HSC-630-660 (RFA)
HSC-660 (PDF) / HSC-630-660 (RFA)