Our terrazzo mop/service sinks are usually found in the janitor’s closet and may take many different shapes, depending on your need and space constraints.


Stern-Williams designs and manufacturs vandal resistant aggregate, metal, and stainless steel drinking fountains.


We offer high-quality ADA compliant and standard shower floors. Choose from a variety of models, including non-slip surfaces, space savers, back outlet and more.


Stern-Williams’ complete line of shower towers and spray stations feature come with up to 8 nozzles and foot sprays, customizable with grab bars and even attachable drinking fountains.


Commercial Plumbing fixture

Featured Product

As a trusted name in the commercial plumbing industry, Stern-Williams is renowned for manufacturing fixtures of uncompromising quality and durability. Stern-Williams opened for business in 1962, beginning with only a few terrazzo mop sink models, which has been expanded to include one of the most complete lines of precast plumbing products.  Utilizing the expertise and materials Stern-Williams added terrazzo wall-hung drinking fountains and aggregate pedestal foundations to their offerings. Continuous development of this line has led to stainless steel drinking fountains, shower towers, bottle fillers, and pet fountains.

Specializing in building custom designs, Stern-Williams fixtures blend cutting-edge materials and technologies to deliver reliable, water-efficient performance that stands the test of time. Beyond our functional excellence, our products are celebrated for their refined aesthetics, seamlessly complementing the design of commercial and outdoor recreational spaces.

About Us

Based in the center of the United States, Stern-Williams is a manufacturer of terrazzo service sinks, mop floors, shower towers, shower cabinets, and a complete line of drinking fountains. Stern-Williams is in business to build top-quality plumbing products for the commercial and recreational building industries while providing the best live service, innovation, and expertise.