Our terrazzo mop/service sinks are usually found in the janitor’s closet and may take many different shapes, depending on your need and space constraints.


Stern-Williams designs and manufacturs vandal resistant aggregate, metal, and stainless steel drinking fountains.


We offer high-quality ADA compliant and standard shower floors. Choose from a variety of models, including non-slip surfaces, space savers, back outlet and more.


Stern-Williams’ complete line of shower towers and spray stations feature come with up to 8 nozzles and foot sprays, customizable with grab bars and even attachable drinking fountains.


Commercial Plumbing fixture

Featured Product

Stern-Williams’ first handwash station is perfect for parks, campgrounds, hiking trails, and any recreational outdoor area. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with a long-lasting, weather-durable finish, but the Model 8100 is versatile. Our handwash station is available as a front wall mount, concealed wall mount, pedestal mount, or as an add-on to many of our drinking fountain models.

About Us

Based in the center of the United States, Stern-Williams is a manufacturer of terrazzo service sinks, mop floors, shower towers, shower cabinets, and a complete line of drinking fountains. Stern-Williams is in business to build top-quality plumbing products for the commercial and recreational building industries while providing the best live service, innovation, and expertise.