The CRESCENT CRS-2200 was designed around the two features most sought after by today’s style and function conscious specifications.

Unique radial design, for extraordinary buildings. Provides more open space in the maintenance closet, reduces interference with door swing. 6” front drop with integral cast stainless steel cap on the threshold.

Product Numbers for the CRESCENT:
CRS-2200, CRS-2210, CRS-2202

Product number corresponds to dimensions tab below. Select your product number to fit the space you need.

SPACE EFFICIENT – radial designed corner model that occupies minimum floor space

MAXIMUM UTILITY – front drop with stainless steel cap that facilitates dumping of power equipment and reduces lifting of conventional equipment

12” Radial Type

CRESCENT – 6” front drop without Stainless Steel Cap
CRS-2210 – 28x28x12”

CRESCENT – 6” front drop with Stainless Steel Cap
CRS-2200 – 28x28x12”
CRS-2202* – 28x28x12”
*With two tiling flanges

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4″ (6 mm)