Designed to comply with ADA requirements and withstand the roughest conditions. The Model 5400 Drinking Fountains are available as a stand-alone pedestal or as a wall mounted fountain.

-FP are frost proof models.

It is recommended that a dual check valve backflow prevention be installed in the waterline going to any FP fountain.

-FPS are sanifrost models which will not allow stored water to re-enter the bubbler.


5400, 5400-FP, 5400-FPS, 5400-MWL, 5400-MWL-FP


-31 | Chrome Plated Self-closing Jug Filler

-32 | RCP Hose bibb with VB

-32-LK | RCP Hose bibb with VB and Loose Key

-32-SC | Self Closing Hose bibb with VB

-34 | Frost Proof Jug Filler

-34-FPS | Sanifrost Jug Filler (-FPS Units Only)

-35-VP | Recessed Hose Bibb with Locking Cover 

-36 | Push Button Jug Filler

-37 | Foot Spray

-38 | Shutdown/Drain Valve

-40 | Commemorative Plaque

-84 | Water Filter

-85 | Valve Box (Recommended for -FP Units)

-87 | Metal Valve Box

-90 | Pet Fountain attached 

-90-FP | Frost Proof

-90-FPS | Sanifrost (-FPS Units Only)

-90-SS | Stainless Steel

-90-SS-FP | Frost Proof

-95 | Sand Trap

-96 | Sand Strainer Plate

SMP-10 | Surface Mounting Plate

-SS | Stainless Steel Finish

Column is fabricated from one piece steel pipe and all exposed parts are recessed in welded steel plates

Mounting plate and stainless steel bottom plate come standard

Access plates are vandal resistant and provide easy maintenance

Push button chrome plated brass valve recessed in 3/8” steel plate

Steel bubbler guard(s) and chrome plated brass bubbler

Adjustable flow regulation

Heavy 3/8” sheet steel arm 

18 gauge brush finished stainless steel receptor with a vandal resistant chrome plated brass drain plug

Stainless steel supply fittings connected to reinforced tubing

Woodland green powder coat finish with optional colors and stainless steel (-SS) available

In-line mesh screen strainer

10-3/4″ diameter steel pipe(s) with 3/16″ wall thickness

Supply complete with 1/2” IPS lock shield screwdriver stop

1-1/4” IPS waste pipes included with every fountain

5400 38-1/4″H x 10-3/4″W x 30-3/4″L / Single with surface mount

5400-MWL 38-1/4″H x10-3/4″ W x 25-3/8 L / Surface and Wall mounted

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4” (6 mm)