The Model 4700 is both an economic and high quality choice. This fountain is great for playgrounds or any high traffic area where cost is a consideration. Enjoy chilled water and a sophisticated, contemporary design.

ADA Compliant

-FP are frost proof models.

It is recommended that a dual check valve backflow prevention be installed in the waterline going to any FP fountain

-FPS are sanifrost models which will not allow stored water to re-enter the bubbler.


4700, 4700-FP, 4700-FPS


-31 | Chrome Plated Self-closing Jug Filler

-32 | RCP Hose bibb with VB

-32-LK | RCP Hose bibb with VB and Loose Key

-32-SC | Self Closing Hose bibb with VB

-34 | Frost Proof Jug Filler

-34-FPS | Sanifrost Jug Filler (-FPS Units Only)

-36 | Push Button Jug Filler

-37 | Foot Spray

-38 | Shutdown/Drain Valve

-40 | Commemorative Plaque

-84 | Water Filter

-85 | Valve Box (Recommended for -FP Units)

-87 | Metal Valve Box

-95 | Sand Trap

-96 | Sand Strainer Plate

SMP-10 | Surface Mounting Plate

-SS | Stainless Steel Finish

Mounting plate and stainless steel bottom plate come standard

Access plates are vandal resistant and provide easy maintenance

Push button chrome plated brass valve recessed in 3/8” steel plate

Steel bubbler guard(s) and chrome plated brass bubbler

Adjustable flow regulation

18 gauge brush finished stainless steel receptor with a vandal resistant chrome plated brass drain plug

Stainless steel supply fittings connected to reinforced tubing

Woodland green powder coat finish only

In-line mesh screen strainer

Delivers 8.0 GPH of chilled water refreshment

Supply complete with 1/2” IPS lock shield screwdriver stop

1-1/4” IPS waste pipes included with every fountain

4700 34-3/4″H x 36W with 12″ Dia. Base / Single with surface mount

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4″ (6 mm).