EB-54, EB-66, EB-70, EB-78


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EB-54 - EB-78
The ELFIN is a rugged economical unit with plain curbs on all sides. It is installed quickly in one single operation on the finished floor. All models except the corner unit come with a 3" centered brass drain with removable flat stainless steel strainer and screws. The drain for the corner model is located 12" off the back walls to help avoid spills. This unit can be furnished with aluminum or vinyl bumper guards, OR cast integral stainless steel caps, on the exposed sides of the basin. Please see the accessories section for additional information on the bumper guards.

The ELFIN is available in four square models, one rectangular, and one corner model.
NOTE: All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4" (6 mm). Dimensions
EB-54 - 24x24x6"
EB-66 - 30x30x6"
EB-70 - 32x32x6"
EB-78 - 36x36x6"
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EB-54,66,70,78 (PDF) / EB-54-78 (RFA)
EB-54,66,70,78 (PDF) / EB-54-78 (RFA)