The CORNARO with its unique style adds a modern look to any of today’s architectural concepts.

All the features found in our Serviceptor line are found in this model. The one-piece construction insures water tightness, and its modern style occupies less floor space. It is composed of gray marble chips and Portland cement, ground smooth, grouted, and sealed to resist stains and moisture.

Product Numbers for the CORNARO:
SBC-1500, SBC-1502, SBC-1525, SBC-1550, SBC-1400, SBC-1402, SBC-1425, SBC-1450

Product number corresponds to dimensions tab below. Select your product number to fit the space you need.

The stainless steel cap is of one-piece 20-gauge stainless steel cast integral on all sides. The CORNARO with the stainless steel cap is Series SBC-1500

Trend-setting corner model occupies less space than square or rectangular basins. Integral cast one-piece stainless steel cap prevents chipping and damage. Versatility and permanent fresh appearance make it a popular choice

The CORNARO can also be furnished with tiling flanges on two sides. It is then identified as SBC-1502, or SBC-1402

Without the stainless steel cap is SBC-1400

12” corner type no drop front

CORNARO – with Stainless Steel Cap
SBC-1500 – 24x24x12”
SBC-1502* – 24x24x12”
SBC1525 is 32x32x12”
SBC-1550 – 36x36x12”
*With two tiling flanges

CORNARO – without Cap
SBC-1400 – 24x24x12”
SBC-1402* – 24x24x12”
HSBC-1425 – 32x32x12”
SBC-1450 – 36x36x12”

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4″ (6 mm)