The MTB was designed to fill the need for a mop sink in a lower price range, but with good splash protection. It is normally not equipped with tiling flanges, so sealant should be applied where basin meets the wall. Flanges are available upon request. Each exposed side can be equipped with vinyl or aluminum bumper guards, OR cast integral stainless steel caps. Please see the accessories section for additional information on the bumper guards. We produce the MTB in two sizes, both of which have 3” centered stainless steel drains cast integral and a stainless steel dome strainer.

Both economical and serviceable, the MTB Molded Terrazzo Basin with 10” high sidewalls offers consistent high quality and fast, easy installation. Attractive, durable finish gives years of low-cost service and minimum maintenance. For added durability, specify optional aluminum cap or vinyl bumper guard.

Product Number for the MTB SQUARE:

Product number corresponds to dimensions tab below. Select your product number to fit the space you need.

Terrazzo composed of pearl gray marble chips cast in white Portland cement which produces a compressive strength of 3000 PSI seven days after casting; then ground smooth, grouted and sealed to resist stains and moisture

Stainless steel drain body is cast integral and provides for a caulked connection of not less that 1” deep to a 3” pipe

Drain is centered on all models and comes with a twist lock stainless steel strainer 

Installs on the finished floor – see instructions for details



MTB-2424 – 24x24x10″

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4” (6 mm)