WH-Series are handicapped accessible shower floors with lower than normal threshold to assist the aged and infirmed. These are ideal for nursing homes, retirement villages and apartments. Must be recessed 2” into the subfloor for barrier free access. 2” brass drain with removable flat snap-in stainless steel strainer is standard.

ADA Compliant (WH-2400 only)

Product Numbers for the SERPENTINE WHEELCHAIR:
WH-2200, WH-2400, WH-2500, WH-2600, WH-2700, WH-2800, WH-2900, WH-3000

Product number corresponds to dimensions tab below. Select your product number to fit the space you need.

RDP Removable Aluminum Alumni Ramp(WH Series)

Lower threshold makes it easier for the wheelchair and geriatric patients to enter

Threshold is just 2-1/2” high and must be recessed into the building floor to allow unobstructed wheelchair entry

A removable aluminum ramp (Option: -RDP) is available where recessing is not feasible

Institutional 6” sidewall; Barrier Free.

WH-2400 is ADA Compliant

WH-2200 – 36×36”

WH-2400 – 40×40″
WH-2500 – 42×42”
WH-2600 – 48×36”
WH-2700 – 48×48”

WH-2800 – 60×32″
WH-2900 – 60×34”
WH-3000 – 46×52”

All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4” (6 mm).