The Serpentine Floor Models are institutional shower floors and are available in square, rectangular, and corner models. The Model 34-BO Serpentine Floor is built with a back outlet drain.

FLANGED and/or rabbet or off-the-floor roughing.
Specify plain shoulders for installation flush against room wall.

Product Numbers for the SERPENTINE SHOWER FLOORS:
34, 34.5, 36-D

36-DD (double drain)

34-NC (neo-corner)

34-BO (back outlet drain)

Product number corresponds to dimensions tab below. Select your product number to fit the space you need.

High 6” side wall

Specify tiling flanges for tile wall construction (i.e.: 34-BO-FFF three tiling flanges)

Specify cast rabbets (i.e.: 34-BO-R provide rabbet configuration) to hold precut, drop-in panels of partitioning material

34 – 36×36”
34-NC – 36×36”
34.5 – 48×36”
36-D – 36×72”
36-DD – 36X72”
34-BO – 36×36”


All dimensions subject to manufacturing variance of plus or minus 1/4″ (6 mm)